Kamis, Mei 01, 2008

Good Bye Moscow

Well here we go. This is what we were achieves in UEFA Champions League 2007/2008. We’re can not go to Moscow in final because Chelsea stopped us at Stamford Bridge on 2nd leg Semi final. We’re can’t continue our success at European Champions League just like 2005.

It was not a bad game for The Reds against Chelsea because we still can attack to their defense. To strive for make a score The Reds start the match very well. We were still gave Chelsea a fight which it proved by Fernando Torres and Ryan Babel goals. Although the result is not happy for us but it’s ok. We’re lost at 4-3 aggregate. Bad achieves but it’s not a bad fight actually.

I don’t know why this lost is not broke my heart too much. That’s not mean that I lost my faith this season. No way. I have 110% faith in Liverpool FC. Not just like the past time I feel so bad and lost my mood for couple days if The Reds lost in the game, I feel little excuse to another clubs to get the title.

I just give some words to anyone who humiliate me “No problem. Cause we just wanna give another clubs to try to show off. It's just like a senior to junior, a superior to inferior ahahahaha…..”

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