Selasa, Februari 24, 2009

Tough moment here and there

Hello lads and lasses..
First I want to say forgive me because I never update this blog. What can I say. My daily life and job took my time away. I was so busy for last three months. So I am sorry if there are no updates on this blog.

There is also though moment for Liverpool FC so far. After we lost highest place on English Premiere League then we abandoned from FA Cup. We’ve got too many draw result.

I wish these result on England will not take effect on Champions League while The Reds have to fly away to Madrid against Real Madrid this Wednesday, February 25, 2009. I wish The Reds will get a positive result from Madrid.

Sabtu, Desember 20, 2008

The Reds face The White at last 16 ECL

From Europe Champions League, UEFA have announced yesterday at Nyon, Switzerland if Liverpool finally will face against Real Madrid in the last 16 stage.

The first leg will be played at the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid on Wednesday February 25, 2009. Second match will be played at Anfield on Tuesday, March 10, 2009.

I don't know about you, but I think this is a hard drawing result because Real Madrid is a big team even they're still confuse in La Liga. They are still have more spirit to compete in Europe Champions League. But I'm sure Liverpool will finish the matches with glory because Liverpool also have a great history at Europe Champions League.

Minggu, Desember 14, 2008

Thank you captain

I think we have to thanks you to The Reds skipper, Steven Gerrard. By his two goals couple hours ago, The Reds has pushed away from terrible lost versus Hull City at Anfield. The final score itself was 2-2 even there were so many opportunity for The Reds to made more than two goals.

The Reds was left at the first after Hull City success made a score at minute 12 and Jamie Carragher own goal. But Liverpool soon gives a quick response after that. Steven Gerrard made his first goal at minute 22 then he added his goal at minute 32 so the score became 2-2.

This is absolutely a loss for Liverpool considering we played at Anfield. And of course we really need a win to keep our position in English Premiere League. We'll keep on the top if Chelsea lost at Stamford Bridge versus West ham United tomorrow. And sure I wish they will.

Jumat, November 21, 2008

Great performance of Reds players with their national team

On Thursday, November 20, 2008, together there were some International Friendly Matches in Europe and America. Some players must be back to their country to join with their national team. There were also some Liverpool players who joined their national team. And you know what, they were made a crucial performance for their national team.

Two Liverpool’s strikers were made scores for their country. Fernando Torres did the score at El Madrigal Stadium to made Spain win 3-0 versus Chile. Il Nino was a substitution player for David Villa at that match but he did his class while he made Spain’s second goal. This is a good performance for him after his injured. I hope he will back to make more goals with The Reds at English Premiere League.

Another Reds striker, Dirk Kuyt also made a great performance after he made score at second half injury time to bring Netherland win 3-1 versus Sweden. I think this season is Dirk’s best season after he made 5 goals for The Reds so far. I wish he keeps his good performance until the season over and bring the 19th title for The Reds.

Good performance also showed by other Liverpool players, Albert Riera and Javier Mascherano. Spanish first goal was made by David Villa by penalty shoot, but Riera did the show before he was down by Chile’s defender in the penalty area. Javier Mascherano bring Argentina to win 1-0 versus Scotland at Glasgow as brand new Tango’s captain under Diego Maradona command.

Minggu, November 09, 2008

Finally Keane!

After getting unsuccessful result at last 2 matches at English Premiere League (lost 1-2 versus Tottenham Hotspurs) and draw 1-1 at Champions League versus Atletico Madrid, The Reds back to the track after beat West Bromwich Albion 3-0 at Anfield.

This match must be remembered for The Reds new striker, Robbie Keane because he was finally made scores for the first time at English Premiere League since he was transferred from Tottenham Hotspurs. He made 2 goals at minute 34 and 43 at the first half. He was absolutely made outstanding performance last night. The third goal was made by Alvaro Arbeloa at minute 90. Last night also remarkable as Fernando Torres back after long injured.

The winning make The Reds back to the top of English Premiere League. This is will stands until next week if Chelsea lost against Blackburn Rovers tonight.

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