Senin, Oktober 27, 2008

The Reds are on top

Finally The Reds is on the top of English Premiere League after on Sunday night destroyed Chelsea 1-0 by Xabi Alonso strike. And now Liverpool is the only club which unbeatable so far.

The big match at Stamford Bridge is so interesting while Liverpool and Chelsea try to attack each other. But Chelsea fans was shocked at minute 10 after Xabi Alonso strike to made score for The Reds. Both clubs are play the match without some key players such as Fernando Torres and Martin Skrtel at The Reds side and Drogba and Essien at Chelsea.

This winning is also ended Chelsea record which unbeatable at Stamford Bridge since 2004. Great match for The Reds and now if Liverpool can beat Arsenal I do believe The Reds will be Champions of English Premiere League.

Minggu, Oktober 26, 2008

Who'll going to the top?

Everybody around me says that The Reds will not make a win at Stamford Bridge this Sunday at English Premiere League.

The Reds will come to London still without Fernando Torres. Sure this is bad but The Reds is not just FT9. We're still have Dirk Kuyt, Ryan Babel and Robbie Keane who scored at Champions League versus Atletico Madrid last Wednesday.

Chelsea itself will play without their some key players. Ballack, Essien, Drogba and Anelka won't play tonight because injured. So I think this is a fair condition for both clubs.

Whoever win this match, they will be at the top of English Premiere League so far. And I wish Liverpool will smash The Blues at their homeground so my weekend will gonna be completely wonderful.

Senin, Oktober 20, 2008

It should be great match

Tomorrow (22/10) Europe Champions League will be roll again. The Reds will fly to Madrid, Spain for away match versus Atletico Madrid. I’m waiting this match for a long time since Atletico’s former hero, Fernando Torres move to Liverpool. I’m just curious what will Atletico’s fans o to their ex-hero. It’s also will be an emotional match for Il Nino.

Unfortunately my dream can’t come true this year because Il Nino wouldn’t play for his first home coming to Vicente Calderon because injured. As I ever posted before that Fernando Torres get injured at his right hamstring foot while he was played for Spain at 2010 World Cup qualification.
I think i have to be patient to watch Il Nino first home coming next years. It's too bad for me cause I think it would be a great match.

Minggu, Oktober 19, 2008

Another comeback

Once again The Reds had another great comeback after conquered Wigan Athletics 3-2 on the English Premiere League at Anfield last night.

Played not so well and left behind 1-2 at the end of first half by Amr Zaki and Dirk Kuyt goal, The Reds raised to proved their class and finally won the game after Albert Riera score to draw 2-2 at minute 80. Dirk Kuyt became a hero after his acrobatic kick to change the score 3-2 for The Reds.

This 3-2 winning made The Reds undefeatable at English Premiere League so far with Chelsea. This keeps The Reds at second place. Last night also remarkable for Albert Riera because he was made his first goal at English Premiere League with The Reds.

Sabtu, Oktober 18, 2008

The Reds lost 2 strikers

At top performance The Reds have to lost 2 strikers caused injured. It’s sad fact because they’re all are valuable players for Liverpool.

Fernando Torres injured at right hamstring while he play for Spain at 2010 World Cup qualification. Probably he can’t play for The Reds for next 4 matches including his first home coming to Vicente Calderon while Liverpool versus Atletico Madrid at Champions League.

Ryan Babel also get injured while he play for Dutch at 2010 World Cup qualification against Norway. But he might be can play at Anfield this Saturday against Wigan Athletic.

Rabu, Oktober 08, 2008

Red Scouser Short Story

Dear lads and lasses,
I’m sorry because I never do some update for this blog for quite long time. I’m in my homeland since 11 days ago and there were so many things to do so I can’t get online to post any stories at this blog. But thanks God finally I can online now.

Never update this blog doesn’t meant that I left anything about Liverpool FC. I still follow some Liverpool matches. The best thing is I watched all Liverpool matches along I’m in my homeland with Big Reds region Semarang. For you notice Big Reds is Official Liverpool FC Supporter in Indonesia. So we sing and cheers along the matches. And that was amazing for me. I just feel like that I was at Anfield haha….

Here’s some highlight about Liverpool for the last two weeks
  • Merseyside belong to The Reds after we were success smashed Everton.
  • Steven Gerrard got his 100 goals along his career with The Reds after he score one goal at 2nd match European Champions league versus PSV Eindhoven.
  • Rafa’s new player Robbie Keane finally made his first goal at 2nd match European Champions league versus PSV Eindhoven.