Senin, Oktober 27, 2008

The Reds are on top

Finally The Reds is on the top of English Premiere League after on Sunday night destroyed Chelsea 1-0 by Xabi Alonso strike. And now Liverpool is the only club which unbeatable so far.

The big match at Stamford Bridge is so interesting while Liverpool and Chelsea try to attack each other. But Chelsea fans was shocked at minute 10 after Xabi Alonso strike to made score for The Reds. Both clubs are play the match without some key players such as Fernando Torres and Martin Skrtel at The Reds side and Drogba and Essien at Chelsea.

This winning is also ended Chelsea record which unbeatable at Stamford Bridge since 2004. Great match for The Reds and now if Liverpool can beat Arsenal I do believe The Reds will be Champions of English Premiere League.

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