Minggu, September 21, 2008

Frustrated by The Stoke

Its looks like there was the whole Stoke’s players are in their penalty area so The Reds can’t score! After getting three points at 2 last matches Liverpool getting stuck at Anfield while Stocke City success frustrating Rafa’s Squad. 

Dominated along the match The Reds can’t make any goal to Stoke’s net. With Fernando Torres and Robbie Keane as starter The Reds only get one point. Actually The Reds captain Steven Gerrard at first-half could make a goal from free-kick but it was disallowed by the referee. 

Of course this is not a satisfied result because we could be overlapped by another club. 

2 komentar:

Anonim mengatakan...

yeah, the ref stole our victory, our points, and our stevie g's 100th goal! :(

tambenk mengatakan...

@titoreds : thx for coming lads...
I wish next match will be better.