Jumat, Agustus 15, 2008

Bring The Glory Back To Anfiled.

It’s almost two decades that English Premiere League lost from Anfield. And that’s hurt enough for us –the biggest football club supporter in the world.

For the club as big as Liverpool, it is a sad fact that we have been lifts the major local trophy for 18 years. I always believe that we have capability to get it just like 70s – 80s eras. I don’t believe if somebody told me that now it’s not The Reds glorious time.

Tomorrow, August 16, the most exciting national football league in the world will be begins. Just like an old time there’s always a big question in our mind. Can we make it now? Can we bring the trophy back to Anfield? Yes we’ve been hungry for national major trophy for a long long time ago.

But just like an old time we’ve always hope that Rafa and his squad will satisfying us with local and international trophies. With recent squad I think they can make our dream come true.

C’mon Reds let’s bring the glory back to Anfield!

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