Jumat, Juni 20, 2008

John Arne Riise leave from Anfield

Since early 2008 there was an issue which told that LFC left-back John Arne Riise will be left LFC in next season. His descend performance is the reason.

Now its going true that finally John Arne Riise left Anfield to Italian football club, AS Roma for 4 millions poundsterling. Become Reds squad since summer 2001 from AS Monaco, this strong Norway defender has reaches so many glorious cups. UEFA cup, FA cup, Champions League cup, etc.

So many people said that the main reason why Riise out from Anfield is his own goal at 2nd leg semifinal UEFA Champions League against Chelsea which made LFC failed to go to final at Moscow. It’s probably right. But we have to do not forget his contribution for 8 years. Just to remind you he was score at Nou Camp versus Barcelona so LFC have away goal which make LFC journey at 2007 UCL more easier. Then his goal at Charity Shield against Chelsea which he made it from half of the field.

That’s all. Now he’s gone. Thanks for 8 amazing years as The Reds. Wish the best of you at your new club.

*picture taken from liverpoolfc.tv and internet

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dody mengatakan...

yeah..goodbye JAR..hope you playing well in roma...we'll miss u...:salut:

tambenk mengatakan...

yup bro..it's sad news..but show must go on..
thx for stopping by...