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Welcome to The Mighty Reds

Welcome to The Mighty Reds!
This is a blog especially dedicated to The Most Successful Football Club in English, Liverpool FC. This is also dedicated to the great and outstanding Liverpool FC supporter around the universe. Liverpool FC also known as The Reds, The Pool. Then their loyal supporter often called Liverpudlian or Kopites.

At The Mighty Reds I wish you could grab useful and newest information related to Liverpool FC. I just try to give a little help to anybody out there in their way to know, to understand and to love Liverpool FC. Maybe mostly I’ll write about my thought, opinion, dream and desire about Liverpool FC. So please pardon me if you find any article full of subjective opinion. Yeah sometime I could be so irrational in the way to support Liverpool FC. And this blog is just a little part of my way in order to support Liverpool FC.

This The Mighty Reds blog is written by Tambenk -A hardcore supporter from Indonesia- in dual language English and Indonesian. But I’ll try my best to write it in English so you’re also could understand the meaning of each article. I also will put some artworks, pictures, poems, etc in this blog. And if you have something such as artwork, pictures, photos or poems, etc please don’t be shy to share it with the world. Send it by e-mail as attachment at

That’s all lads.
If later I think there is something important in which to describe about this blog I’ll update it then.

You’ll Never Walk Alone

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